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1 Simple Technique for Successful Client Relationship

“I don’t control the raptors, it’s a relationship based on mutual respect”

Last night I finally settled down to watch Jurassic World. I know what you’re thinking, “This is a web design blog… why are you talking about dinosaurs”, hear me out. In a scene with dinosaur-keeper Owen Grady, played by Chris Pratt, he explains how he and his velociraptor’s work along side eachother through ‘mutual respect’ and it got me thinking. In order for a successful client relationship between a designer, or developer and their client should work of the same basis, mutual respect. 

Have you ever heard of a scenario in which somebody pays for the services of a web designer, and still keeps in touch with them even a year after the project has been completely finished? No, that’s because it doesn’t happen. The web development industry is filled with cowboys who grab money out the hands of vulnerable and provide them with a sloppy, nonfunctional website . I could list a few, but I won’t. I believe that the relationship between developer and client should be more than a quick email once every fortnight with an attached invoice. It should be a fun, comfortable client relationship that implies trust and understanding between the two.


How it should be

I still keep in touch from clients I finished projects for over a year ago, I check how their website is coming along and I ask if there is anything else I can help them with – yes, eventually one of the clients may want additional work from me… which is great! My Amazon wishlist is getting bigger. But it also reminds them that I have not disappeared, and I am not some random web developer who they worked with over a year ago. When my clients pass on my number to a friend or family, the conversation would be “This is Dan, he IS my web developer, he handles my website” rather than “His name was Dan, he did my website last year, I’ll try and dig up his number for you”. 

It’s not difficult to be honest, keeping in touch. I think more web developers should do it, but because they don’t, I get more work – which is great as it keeps me busy, and keeps people happy! If you’d like to have a successful, trustworthy web designer who will communicate when required to then give me a shout. 

Have you had an encounter with a cowboy web developer? Leave a comment below and let me know!

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