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Hi, my name is Dan Wiggins and I’m a freelance web designer, marketer and photographer. Here’s what separates me from the rest of the herd…

Personal service

I prefer to work with other small businesses. My aim to help your business grow by providing affordable web design, marketing and search engine optimization services. Whether you need a small one page website, or a fully functioning eCommerce store, I can build it.

Hand crafted design

Big agencies churn out websites using cookie cutter designs but with me it’s different. I build everything by hand and do it all myself. I’m a fast and efficient designer and will get your site done on time and on budget.

After sales service

Unlike every other freelancer, I will not take your money and run, once the job is done. That’s because I understand that long term relationships are the key to business success… ’ll stick around after the project is finished to ensure you’re happy with everything.

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Take a look at what I’ve done in the last few months for other clients…and what I could be doing for you.

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Industry Insights and Web Design Blog

Honestly, I don’t blog regularly. I’m trying to improve that, so as motivation for me to publish more articles, I’d love it if you would head over to the blog section on my website and read my recent posts. Leave a comment, let me know what you think, and share it on social media.


What others are saying

  • Dan has been superb. I had no idea where to start and he has taken care of everything and created a site I can be proud of.
    Mollie Made by Mollie
  • Everything has been above my expectations, the way it looks, the way it has been set up for my specific business, and the design for mobiles and tablets.
    Barry ConnellyNaughty B
  • Very good quality and a modern looking website. I had been quoted about the same elsewhere but didn’t feel they were very responsive in terms of customer service. Dan is customer focused, friendly and professional with great design ideas.
    Dave ScottChanges Therapy Rooms